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fenrdwadorkaden's Journal

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AMAZING LAYOUT AND HEADER ARTISTRY BY: ferdwad (with assistance on the layout-putting-together part from argyletheme).

When a Nerdork falls in a forest, does it make a sound? That was the question on my mind whilst I skipped along the dusty path. The moon was peaking from the lonely storm clouds above, and a lone crow cawed from its perch some distance away. Lightning flashed and thunder roared, but it did not deter me.

I was looking for the one answer to all of my questions; the one that would fill the hole in my heart and make life worth living. I had heard from the village folk in a nearby town that this forest was one that people ventured to in order to get those questions answered, and after exhausting all other possible options, this was a last resort.

Wonderful hues of a rainbow met me at the corner of the path, where a squirrel lay dead and another one with suspiciously pillow-y lips picked off the remains. Next to the rainbow were three beautiful young women, sitting and enjoying a picnic of Portobello mushroom sandwiches and macaroons. They seemed to be having fun, but once in a while, they would cast a longing look at the top of the rainbow. And sometimes, they would make out. But that's another story.

I stood up straight, a massive grin on my face. This was it! This was my purpose! This was the answer to all of my questions that until now I thought unanswerable. I skipped to them, bright and joyous. "Have no fear, ladies! Climb on my back and we shall fly to the rainbow! Then you can skip and frolic and make out and whatever else it is that you do!"

The Fenerdwadorkaden did just that; they climbed onto me and grabbed a hold of my hair, and we flew off into the night! The shortest one even humped me a bit!

After that, we lived happily ever after. They ended up eating me over a matter of days, though. WHY DID YOU KILL ME, MOMMY?!

The end.

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